The term "nebula" is a latin word for an interstellar cloud or any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

As an avid astronomer, Managing Director and Founder, Zarina Ebrahim, chose to use this word for the company name as her goal was to ensure that as many people as possible have an online presence that is out of this world.

Nebula Designs primarily started out only in Website Design but soon expanded to include an array of services to develop and implement digital marketing strategies for start-up companies and businesses already in existence. 

Nebula Designs has successfully completed Website Projects for a number of clients ranging from non-profit organisations to corporate companies. Peruse Nebula Designs GRAPHIC DESIGN and WEBSITE portfolio as well as CLIENT TESTIMONIALS.

Charity Websites

We love to give back to society in some way or the other and done so by working on a few websites in different sectors boosting their campaigns, namely: Twitter Blanket Drive, Sakhikamva Foundation, My Way to 43 Air School and Nakhlistan. If you are an NPO needing a web presence or website upgrade, you are most welcome to enquire.

Founder & Owner

Nebula Designs is synonomous with Zarina Ebrahim. I have established and managed this business on my own due to my passion for all things IT. 

With 14 years of my combined experience in Graphic Design and Website Development you can be confident that whatever your project demands, Nebula Designs can deliver!





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